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Friday Night

Shabbat Day

Beraishit October 14
Laundau and Koyner Families
Noach October 21 Cinti Family & Popowsky Family  
Lech Lecha October 28 Goldberg Family in honor of Joyce's birthday  
Vayeira November 4 Hellman Family in honor of the Bat MItzvah of Sasha Hellman  
Chayei Sara November 11 In honor of Wedding Anniversary of the Ridloff Family  
Toldot November 18

In honor of the Yahrtzeit of Shalom Yaacov Ben Israel Ha-Levi, Beloved father of Linda Katz,  by the Katz Family

Vayeitzei November 25 The Perkins Family  
Vayishlach December 2
In honor of the Yahrtzeit of Binyamin Ventura, father of Dan Ventura
Vayeishev December 9   Goldberg Family in memory of Bernard Goldberg
Miketz December 16 Semel Family in memory of Harlene Arenberg   
Vayigash December 23 The Paul Family: In Memory of Isobel Paul, Mother of Louis Paul and Alisa Roth  
Vayechi December 30