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Friday Night

Shabbat Day

Beraishit October 14
Laundau and Koyner Families
Noach October 21 Cinti Family & Popowsky Family  
Lech Lecha October 28 Goldberg Family in honor of Joyce's birthday  
Vayeira November 4 Hellman Family in honor of the Bat MItzvah of Sasha Hellman  
Chayei Sara November 11 In honor of Wedding Anniversary of the Ridloff Family  
Toldot November 18

In honor of the Yahrtzeit of Shalom Yaacov Ben Israel Ha-Levi, Beloved father of Linda Katz,  by the Katz Family

Vayeitzei November 25 The Perkins Family  
Vayishlach December 2
In honor of the Yahrtzeit of Binyamin Ventura, father of Dan Ventura
Vayeishev December 9   Goldberg Family in memory of Bernard Goldberg
Miketz December 16 Semel Family in memory of Harlene Arenberg   
Vayigash December 23 The Paul Family: In Memory of Isobel Paul, Mother of Louis Paul and Alisa Roth

Baker Family in memory of Lolita Baker, Leah Bat Mordechai

Vayechi December 30    
Shemot January 5   Jaffe Family in memory of the of Natalie Carol Jaffe 
Va'eira January 12
Caplan Family:
In memory of our beloved Dad and Grandfather for the Yartzeit of Ronnie Bert Levy.
Baker Family
Bo January 19    
B'shalach  January 26

The Schwartz Family in memory of Dvorah Bat Asher 

Yisro February 2   Smokler
Mishpatim February 9

The Beyda Family

Nate Storch
Teruma February 16 Dan & Charlene Perkins 

 Hellman Family

Tetzave February 23

Peter Gellman and Amy Harary in memory of Amy's father.

Sussman Family in honor of their parents

David Baker - Yartzeit 



    Ki Tisa          March 1  
The Ventura family in celebration of Chaim Binyamin 3rd birthday
Vayakhel March 8 Selwyn and Linda Katz, in honor of Selwyn's father El Chanan   
Pekudei March 15 Rakin Family in honor of the Men's Israel Trip

Louis Zuckerman in honor of his Zaidy

Vayikra March 22  

The Ridloff Family - in honor of Elena's late father's birthday and one year since Andrew’s Bar Mitzvah.

Zahava Gordon in honor of her birthday.

Tzav March 29

Barbara Ruderman in honor of Skylar's Bat Mitzvah.

Beyda Family in honor of Chazzan Mordy and Family, and the wedding of Miri and Tzvi Dubrawsky.

Shmini April 5   Mark Samules in honor of his birthday.
Tazria April 12   Mark Samuels in honor of his mother Devorah's Yahrzeit
Metzorah April 19    
Passover April 26    
Passover April 29   Koyner
Acharei May 3 Natalie and Howard Steinberg in honor of Emme's Bat Mizvah.  
Kidoshim May 10 Shara and Jeffrey Lazar In honor of   Leo's Bar Mitzvah Evan Goldberg in honor of his birthday
Emor May 17   Dorfman Family in honor of Kylie's Bat Mitzvah
Behar  May 24   Anonymous
Bechukotai May 31    
Bamidbar June 7    
Nasso June 14 Joseph Feuerstein - in memory of his father מאיר בן יהודה and the completion of the whole Jerusalem Talmud in his honor.  
Behaalotecha June 21    
Shelach  June 28    
Korach July 5    
Chukat July 12    
Balak July 19    
Pinchas July 26    
Matot-Massei Aug 2    
Devarim Aug 9    
Va'etchanan Aug 16    
Eikev Aug 23    
Re'eh Aug 30