At Chabad Lubavitch of Westport
Holiday Date
October 2 - 12, 2024
HIGH HOLIDAYS 5783 - 2022

Chabad of Westport welcomes you to High Holiday services 5783 – 2022. For all High Holiday information including service times please click here.

Please make sure to RSVP for the High Holiday services to ensure a spot and to be kept informed of any changes that may take place.

Services once again will be conducted *outdoors (weather permitting) in a nice spacious tent on the Chabad premises. This will ensure both comfort and comfortability for all and we look forward to seeing you!!

A personal blessing:

During these special days preceding the High Holidays, there’s a custom to wish each other Ketiva Vachatima Tova - may you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.

This means that even before we get close to the Holiest days of the year, we are already steeped in preparing ourselves and critically, blessing others with the warmest wishes emanating from an open heart.

As such, let me seize the opportunity to wish you and your family a Ketiva Va'chatima Tovah, may the year ahead bring only blessings and happiness to your life and may you be inscribed and inked for a “good” year ahead. One that is indisputable and easily discernible good!!

If you’ll be joining us for services here at Chabad, I look forward to greeting you in person and if not, let this wish be accepted by you as a personal blessing and wish. Please take a moment to sign up formally if you are joining us - so that we can prepare adequately and ensure the highest level of security preparedness.

Please feel free to take a moment or more, to delve into the rich assortment of learning and reading that our website offers as a means to prepare yourself for a most enriched and inspiring High Holidays wherever you may be.

With warm wishes & personal regards,
Rabbi Yehuda & Dina Kantor

*We will make a game time decision regarding the weather.