Chabad Lubavitch of Westport is a unique and vibrant center, providing a home away from home for any man, woman or youngster who walks through its doors. Our Rabbis, staff and volunteer workers are pioneers in the most literal sense, treading a path and showing the way to bring the light of Torah and Jewish tradition to all Jews. Acceptance of every Jew on their own level, regardless of their level of religious commitment or practice, has become a trademark of Chabad. By blending traditional values with modern day techniques, Chabad has successfully been able to create a diverse yet cohesive community.

Thanks to G‑d's infinite blessings and the generous support and involvement of members of the community, Chabad of Westport has grown rapidly since opening our doors in 1997. In 2012, with a pressing need to finally find a permanent home to house our programs and services, Chabad of Westport purchased the old and iconic "Three Bears" restaurant. Over a period of 5 years, extensive planning and ambitious fundraising led to our joyous grand opening of our new and cutting edge building in 2018.

Chabad is now truly, a home away from home. We look forward to welcoming you in our home one day!


Chabad Lubavitch of Westport is a Jewish organization designed to serve the community at large. Our programs and services are open to all regardless of faith, race, or country of national origin.

Our mission is to provide religious and social services to assist and benefit the lives of those living in our community. To that end, Chabad of Westport offers programs ranging from adult education, children's activities, counseling and crisis intervention and religious services.

Chabad is home away from home to anyone who walks through its doors.


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